Some where sometime, I feel and think, as if , I knew this is coming or might happen.

I have no facts to prove this but just a feeling.

Feeling that I only can feel or incident that happens and make me wonder, as if I knew this can happen but still I kept on.

To correlate, happen to find story on web.. Titanic we all know.. 14 years before the Titanic’s maiden voyage, author Morgan Robertson wrote a novel called The Wreck of the Titan: Or, Futility, which was about the largest ship in the world hitting an iceberg. The ship in the fictional story was called the Titan. Sound familiar?

What you think


Another article found

People subconsciously make thousands of tiny predictions each day, whether it’s contemplating when a bus will arrive, who is knocking on the door or if a dropped glass will break.

Now scientists are beginning to unravel how the brain is such a surprisingly accurate fortune-teller – but only when it comes to mundane events.

Researchers at Washington University in St Louis focused on the mid-brain dopamine system (MDS), which provides signals to the rest of the brain when unexpected events occur.


Professor Zacks said: ‘When we watch everyday activity unfold around us, we make predictions about what will happen a few seconds out. Most of the time, our predictions are right.

‘Successful predictions are associated with the subjective experience of a smooth stream of consciousness.

‘But a few times a minute, our predictions come out wrong and then we perceive a break in the stream of consciousness, accompanied by an uptick in activity of primitive parts of the brain involved with the MDS that regulate attention and adaptation to unpredicted changes.’

The research is published in the Journal Of Cognitive Neuroscience.

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