GEAR_ECWCS-III_Cold_Weather_All-7-Layers_lgIMG_0945ECWCS Clothing System

In year 1993 May, I got selected directly via Campus interview for a projected started by Goretex US and Honeywell Dace India Pvt Ltd for setting up and making ECWCS.

With a team of over 10 American technical garment experts and training, we finally successfully started and produced and suppled the versatile 7-layer, 12-component system for fielding to Indian Army Soldiers in Saichen Glaciers.

The Indian Army’s sought and Soldiers sought to develop this fully integrated cold weather layering system so Indian Army can sustain and fight back -40 degree extreme cold conditions. Earlier Indian army was importing these systems from US but we started making it in record time of 8 months, this saving Indian Army and Indian Govt lot of foreign currency

Based on layering systems currently utilized by mountaineering professionals, the ECWCS system incorporates 7 layers of clothing, including light-weight and mid-weight Polartec Powerdry moisture wicking shirt and briefs, a Polartec Thermal Pro fleece jacket, a nylon/ spandex wind jacket, a soft shell jacket and trousers using Goretex fabric, a Gore-Tex wet weather jacket and trousers, and a Primaloft insulated loft parka and trousers for extreme cold weather conditions. Wool socks and a fleece cap are also included. Each piece fits and functions either alone or together as a system to provide the most options for the Soldier.

ECWCS is 33% more compressible, 25% lighter, and is rated as more comfortable compared to its other counterparts. It is also more versatile and includes functional features that allow the Soldier to adapt to varying mission requirements and environmental conditions ranging between -40 to +60 degrees Fahrenheit.  Components include:

LVL 1: Base layer shirt and long underwear
LVL 2: Base layer shirt and long underwear, heavier
LVL 3: High-loft Polyester fiber 8mm height fleece jacket
LVL 4: Jacket shell, camo. Designed for wear under body armor, made from polypropelene
LVL 5: Long Jacket and Trousers soft shell layer, camo
LVL 6: Long Jacket and Trousers waterproof shell layer, camo
LVL 7: Parka and Trousers

To Read more, See articles published on this in leading generals written by me in year 1998

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Schematic diagram of composite Gore-Tex fabric...

Schematic diagram of composite Gore-Tex fabric – blank (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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