I still remember, year 1999, May department stores wanted to hire me, for there India office. Entire process done from interview to meeting Victor Castileno and Deepika Rana and I was almost hired.. but per process, May wanted me to do virtual conference call with there US office, head of Quality and Testing Department Sandra Furia and Pamela. I still remember, it took us complete 1 day to do 1/2 hour video conference from Govt run Video service and company paid somewhere like $500 just for this.
Luckily US office liked me and I was hired but this small meeting left a incredible mark on me.

And today when I am in United States, and almost entire globe connected via virtual phones and skype, I was lucky enough to convince Gertex to buy and install cisco video conference system exactly after 10 years, in year 2009..

To add a brief history about Cisco, Cisco system added new approach to video communication and they are pioneers in Video Conference systems..

From Gertex point of view, being in clothing and doing millions worth of shipment, idea of virtual conference call and connecting all satellite office virtually sounded like a plan but nothing comes easy. I still remember peer pressure and some stupid jokes cracked about video conference or what this stupid video thing will do etc etc..Thanks to company promoters who gone with vision and finally decided to implement and induct complete system not only for US office but also for each respective overseas office..and almost saved Gertex overseas expense to half.
Since 2009, Gertex expanded really fast and opened there offices in Egypt, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Central America..

We realized that technology needed to evolve, to allow people at our overseas office grow and keep themselves virtually connected with us so to communicate and collaborate in a more social, more virtual, more mobile and more visual way.

Before Cisco, it was travelling and lot of travelling which I loved and have some memories and pictures ..

STR Webinar 007.jpgSTR Webinar 009.jpg

Finally in year 2009, we introduced Cisco to bring people together virtually, with an experience so real and lifelike that you felt like you were in the same room as someone even when they were thousands of miles away.

Hundreds of meetings have taken place, changing how approvals done , how samples seen and how micro details of garments analysed via virtual cameras..allowing teams either side to do more with less time and to do it across the globe.

What started out as a technology that would alter the way we meet has evolved into something much more. It is transforming the very way that Gertex done business and I am sure it will make a stepping stone for other garments and clothing organizations as well when they will induct this into there system and business.

Forever changing how a small button supplier in Pakistan having question on color receives an opinion from a specialist in a in NewYork, or how a Denim wash expert in Pakistan wants to review his range with denim expert in the United States and learns a new name of his wash, that he never knew..

This is just the beginning. .

Now with pervasive conferencing solutions which integrate audio, video, and web conferencing capabilities, you can multiply the impact of Video Virtual Conference in Clothing industry very soon.

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