QUALITY CONTROL is to understand customers quality requirements. This involves the following steps.

  1. Getting customers specifications regarding the quality
  2. Referring our past performance
  3. Discussing with the Quality Control Department
  4. Discussing with the production Department
  5. Giving the Feed Back to the customers
  6. Receiving the revised quality requirements from the customers
  7. Accepting the quality parameters


A certain proportion of defective will always occur in any manufacturing process. If the percentage does not exceed a certain limit, it will be economical to allow the defective to go through instead of screening the entire lot. This limit is called the “Acceptable Quality Level” (AQL). American Military standards known as MIL-STD-105A to 105E is accepted worldwide for sampling sizes. It has the following sample size levels. Normally for Garment Industry 105D or 105E are followed.

Quality Control System in Apparel Industry plays an vital role and will build up good relationship between Buyer and manufacturer. Now a days customers prefer to buy the goods to satisfy their requirements. To build up good relationship between manufacturer and customer, quality control system is always helping as a wonderful bridge between them.

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