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results-driven executive with global experience and my expertise lies in a broad range of critical functions to any apparel organization including production, quality management, launching critical initiatives with suppliers both in the US and overseas.

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If you have questions about technology that can save money or tools that are available then ask me.

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I have travelled to South Korea, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Dubai, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Nicaragua to name few countries for sourcing. Ask me before you spend your next buck

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First came eCommerce, and then mCommerce. Bill Gate said in 2000 itself that mCommerce will surpass eCommerce. Same stands for clothing industry. All Big retail stores will do more sales from eStores. I have learnt eCommerce and perfect blend for clothing and IT industry.

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Smart learning and adapting to new vision, with hard work will pay for years


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Quality Control and Assurance in Apparel Clothing and Accessories Industry

Quality Control and Assurance in Apparel Clothing and Accessories Industry

QUALITY CONTROL is to understand customers quality requirements. This involves the following steps. Getting customers specifications regarding the quality Referring our past performance Discussing with the Quality Control Department Discussing with the...

Humans need not to apply as soon Humans will be replaced as Horses replaced from cart, by CAR

Check out a video …. technology WILL disrupt and eliminate jobs en masse – it is just a matter of time. Fossil fueled autos will disappear , high speed and...

Garments jobs in NewYork

Garments jobs in NewYork

My Hobby

There are many excellent reasons why one must collect coins. A coin’s design, mint mark, condition and composition can offer a glimpse into history and a better understanding of the...

Virual World is just next door, in clothing industry

I still remember, year 1999, May department stores wanted to hire me, for there India office. Entire process done from interview to meeting Victor Castileno and Deepika Rana and I...

Steps to Bring a Product to Market

Preliminary Patent Search You can do a preliminary patent search on your own for free.Search for patents at Google and also search at US Gov site.   Evaluate If Your Product...

Extended Cold Weather Clothing System (ECWCS)

ECWCS Clothing System In year 1993 May, I got selected directly via Campus interview for a projected started by Goretex US and Honeywell Dace India Pvt Ltd for setting up and...

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Innovation in process

Imagine in my recent trip to Lahore, Pakistan, I get to see workers at factory using Coke bottle to cool down hot machines, so american products or Coke, not only...

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