I still remember, year 1999, May department stores wanted to hire me, for there India office. Entire process done from interview to meeting Victor Castileno and Deepika Rana and I was almost hired.. but per process, May wanted me to do virtual conference call with there US office, head of Quality and Testing Department Sandra […]

Preliminary Patent Search You can do a preliminary patent search on your own for free.Search for patents¬†at Google and also search at US Gov site.   Evaluate If Your Product is Worth Pursuing Four things you need to weigh to determine if your product is worth pursuing. Is your idea feasible to create based upon […]

ECWCS Clothing System In year 1993 May, I got selected directly via Campus interview for a projected started by Goretex US and¬†Honeywell Dace India Pvt Ltd for setting up and making ECWCS. With a team of over 10 American technical garment experts and training, we finally successfully started and produced and suppled the versatile 7-layer, […]